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Environment and recycling

Save costs and protect the environment - how it works:

Can I use minimunm quantity lubricants?

Can resources be saved by the use of treatment approaches?

What a amount of lubricant should be sufficient for my application?

Is the use of rapidly biodegradable lubricants possible and useful?

Need cleaners, emulsions, cutting oils and forming lubricants disposed of, or will there be alternatives?

Which substances are labor physiologically safe for my empolyees?

These are just some questions, that many buyers, operations, production- or maintenance managers like to answer. There are no general answers to these questions. Nearly every company has different requirements. Besides the technical aspects, location issues also play a role too .

In addition to avoiding expressive consumption of resources the Prolytik Lubricants GmbH is in the area of treatment of lubricants, cleaners and chemicals in there, where the end of the value would otherwise be achieved. We examine the various substances on their use and the possibility of treatment.

Efficiency and quality are the basic requirements for implementation. It appears more and more that it is not necessarily a contradiction.